Winds Vol. 4 Joy of the March


A Clinic by march virtuoso Frederick Fennell reveals the fascination and greatness of the March

The Maestro's detailed explanations share effective ways to rehearse and present marches, with excitement for fans of marches, and students and teachers alike. This is a wonderful visit with Dr. Fennell-he is very animated, humorous and clever while he patiently shares his wisdom on and off of the podium. Also included is special footage of Dr. Fennell conducting three marches in concert with the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra, two of them with exclusive conductor view.

Presenter: Hitoshi Sekiguchi Clinic Band: Kofu Youth Wind Ensemble

Clinic Marches : Our Director (F. E. Bigelow) Colonel Bogey (K. J. Alford / F. Fennell)

Clinic topics include: Importance of percussion in march performance / Building an impressive counterline / Necessity of changing color for each verse / Role of the diminshed 7th in marches / Percussion: field drill vs. concert stage performance / Traditional role and function of the march / Phrase contour / etc....

Special Scenes - Performances by Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra, F. Fennell, Conducting
-National Emblem / E . E. Bagley #
-Rolling Thunder / H. Fillmore
-The U.S. Field Artillery / J. P. Sousa #
# Conductor View only, these two selections

A handwritten snare drum part revised by Fennell is included in the information booklet!

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