Lincolnshire Posy

Performed by : Yodogawa Technical High School Band

Conducted by Akio Marutani

Presenting the Green Concert (annual concert) of Yodogawa Technical High School Band.Their concert tickets are always in great demand. Japan's most popular high school band shares its impressive and powerful sound in this landmark live recording.

1. Hoch Heidecksburg! (R. Herzer)
2. American Graffiti XI (arr. N. Iwai)
3-6. Kobiki-Uta for Band (K. Koyama)
7. I need to be in Love (R. Carpenter)
8. Festive Overture (D. Shostakovich / D. Hunsberger)
9. Jupiter from "The Planets" (G. Holst / T. Tatebe)
10-15. Lincolnshire Posy (P. Grainger)
16. The Hit-Parade
17. Japanese Graffiti IV (K. Dan / A. Isozaki)
18. Bayerischer Defiliermarsch Marsch (A. Scherzer)

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