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| Real Recordings Vol.1 Mindscape

Conductor / Tatsuya Shimono
Performed by : Hiroshima Wind Orchestra

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Regarding the ballet "El sombrero de tres picos", this transcription comes from the concert suite. Aside from the popular "Danza Del Molinero" and "Danza final," the entire suite is scored to appreciate the beauty of original orchestration. Symphonic conductor Maestro Tatsuya Shimono gives his all for this special wind band setting out of nostalgic Andalusia, Spain.
Delightful festive music written with rhythmic triplets, the work features brilliant brass sections, resonating chimes, and contrasting emotional interludes. The ephemeral life of cherry blossoms are expressed with a compelling melody. The basic motive of the piece, triplets are used technically and attractively, with varied tempi, alternating between ternary and duple feel.
I still have a dream

???????????So even though we face the dificulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Mindscape for Wind Orchestra
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???Tatsuya Shimono
???Hiroshima Wind Orchestra

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