Caprice for Seven Percussionists

Grade : 5
Duration : 4:40

"Caprice" was written for Meguro First Junior High School Band, Tokyo, in 1994, and was premiered in their regular concert series. It is a dramatic work filled with exotic moods and high tension, and Concert Chimes dominate the piece.

In this work, like others from Mr. Kaneda, normal instruments are effectively used to realize a rich singing style, and its educational consideration allows beginners to also perform.

Perc.1: Chime Perc.2: Mari. Perc.3: Xylo. Perc.4: Vib. Perc.5: Timp./S.Dr.
Perc.6: Sus.Cym./Tri./S.Dr. Perc.7: T-tam/B.Dr./T-tom

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