Aeolian Quintet for Five Percussionists

Grade : 3
Duration : 3:50

When "Aeolian Trio" (2002) and "Aeolian Quartet" (revised 2003) became popular, the composer received e-mail requests for a quintet version from all over Japan. Mr. Kaneda, while under recovery from cancer, made the quartet into a quintet, and "Aeolian Quintet" was born in September of 2003. The title means "quintet in the Aeolian mode" (natural minor scale). It is in three-part form: fast-slow-fast. Beginning with a cheerful march, Marimba presents a beautiful melody in the middle section, and it concludes with the march. In this version, Vibraphone was used for color and energy, and a new ending was added.

In this work, like others from Mr. Kaneda, normal instruments are effectively used to realize a rich singing style, and its educational consideration allows beginners to also perform.

Perc. 1: Xylo. /Glock. /Mari. Perc. 2: Vib. Perc. 3: Timp. Perc. 4: S. Dr. /Sus. Cym. /2Toms /Tri. /Tamb.
Perc. 5: B. Dr. /Tri.

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