Csárdás - Marimba Solo with Band - Full Score

Grade : 5
Duration : 5:30

This work for solo marimba and wind band is an adaptation of Vittorio Monti’s famous “Csárdás”. The emotional contrasts between the earthy, somber slow dance melody and the brilliantly allegro vivace interludes and finale will electrify a concert and captivate the audience for the duration of the performance.

This is a superb piece for groups with an advanced marimbist. The solo part is a grade 5 (out of 6); band grade 4.

Solo Marimba

Flute 1, 2
Oboe (Opt.)
Bassoon (Opt.)
Eb Clarinet (Opt.)
Bb Clarinet 1, 2, 3
Alto Clarinet (Opt.)
Bass Clarinet
Alto Saxophone 1, 2
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone

Trumpet 1, 2
Trumpet 3 (Opt.)
Horn 1, 2, 3
Horn 4 (Opt.)
Trombone 1, 2
Bass Trombone (Opt.)
Bass (Tuba)
String Bass

Percussion 1: Snare Drum, Bass Drum
Percussion 2: Crash Cymbals
Percussion 3: Triangle
Percussion 4: Xylophone, Vibraphone


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