New Wind Repertoire 2005

Performed by : Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band

Kazuyoshi Akiyama, Conductor

The tenth edition of the annual “New Wind Repertoire” series in which Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band presents new wind band publications- This interesting collection of mixed genres includes traditional original works and arrangements as well as those in the styles of swing, blues, and orchestrations for smaller bands-


1- Magic Overture - Thomas Doss
2- “Dance of the Hours” from La Gioconda -Amilcare Ponchielli / Tom A- Kennedy / Ed- Alfred Reed
3- Mana in October - Kazuhiro Morita
4- Follow the River - James Swearingen
5- Wingin'It! - Gilbert Tinner
6- The Melody Makers - Darrol Barry
7- Bravura! - Larry Neeck
8- Prescience - Victor Lopez
9- And We Proceeded on - Ed Huckby
10- Marching Blues - Hayato Hirose
11- The Red Machine - Peter Graham

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