New Wind Repertoire 2003

Performed by : Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band

Kazuyoshi Akiyama, Conductor

This is the eighth issue in the New Wind Repertoire Series. The 2003 edition features remarkable repertoire such as the transcription of Mr. Ohguri’s secret masterpiece “Rhapsody on Osaka Nursery Rhymes”, and the first session recording of Graham’s “Harrison's Dream”, noteworthy by recent performances of both TKWO and Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band. “Smokey Mountain Rhapsody” and “American Journey”, acknowledged Command Series of Barnhouse Co., are attractive and suitable for smaller bands. This collection includes many practical works. We are sure you will enjoy this effective and wonderful music.

1. Rhapsody on Osaka Nursery Rhymes (Hiroshi Ohguri / arr.Yoshihiro Kimura)
Fiddle Tunes (James Curnow)
2. I. Lovely Nancy
3. II. Hay Makers
4. The Star of Dreams (Robert W Smith)
5. Smokey Mountain Rhapsody (Ed Huckeby)
Seventh Suite for Band (A Century of Flight) (Alfred Reed)
6. I. Prologue: Look to the Skies!
7. II. Intermezzo: The Winds and Waves of Wajima
8. III. March: To Fly with the Wings of Eagles
9. Celtic Knots (Goff Richards)
10. American Journey (Dennis O. Eveland)
11. Harrison's Dream (Peter Graham)

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