New Wind Repertoire 2001

Performed by : Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band

Shunsaku Tsutsumi, Conductor

1. Hanover Festival (Philip Sparke)
2. Windy Island-Poetic Music for Band (Masaki Kawamura)
3. Estampie (W. Francis McBeth)
Gulliver’s Travels (Bert Appermont)
4. I. Lilliput
5. II. Brobdingnag
6. III. Laputa
7. IV. The Houyhnms
8. Tribute and Triumph (David Shaffer)
9. Concert March “Made in Europe” (Pavel Stanek)
10. Spirito de Bressa (Itaru Sakai)
11. Eagle Bend – An Overture for Band (James Barnes)
12. Sirocco – Overture for Band (Jerry Williams)
13. The Iliad from The Odyssey [Symphony No. 2] (Robert W. Smith)

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