JWECC 2008 - Climbing Parnassus


(2CD set) The 3rd Japan Wind Ensemble Conductors Conference 2008 introduces Climbing Parnassus / Jonathan Newman as 2008 JWECC commission and world premier piece as titled on this CD. Also "Yume no Koseki" / Isao Matsushita was premiered in Japan for the first time. Five more songs; Birds of Thunder / John Bliss, Christmas in Poland / Vaclav Nelhybel, Carnival / Paul Basler, DEATH NOTE CONCERTINO / Yoshihisa Hirano and Six Sticks / Soichi Konagaya were also Japan premiered at this event.

(DISC 1)

Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra Saxophone Section

1. Out of the blue / Frank Ticheli

Kurashiki Sakuyo University Wind Ensemble

2. Birds of Thunder / John Bliss
3. Lamentation to… / Hiroshi Hoshina

Izumo High School Band

4. From "Yume no Koseki" / Isao Matsushita

Okayama Sanyo High School Band

5. Sevens / Samuel R. Hazo
6. Spritual / Herbert Owen Reed
7. Le Pittoresque for Wind Orchestra / Kenichi Mitsuda
8. My Treasure / Kenichi Mitsuda9. Syrtaki

(DISC 2)

Shuzitsu High School Band

1. Fusion / Brian Balmages I. Overture
2. II. Ballad
3. III. Fusion
4. Symphonic Metamorphosis (On themes from Sain-Saens 3rd Symphony) / Philip Sparke

Tsubata High School

5. Christmas in Poland / Vaclav Nelhybel
I. The Triumph of the King of Heaven
6. II. Joyful News
7. III. Peace on Earth
8. IV. Glory to God
9. The Beethoven Machine / Michael Colgrass

JWECC Joint Band

10. Sails of Time / David GilinghamKawasaki Univ. Band
11. Carnival / Paul Basler
12. Death Note Concertino / Yoshihisa Hirano

JWECC Conference Joint Band

13. Climbing Parnassus / Jonathan Newman
14. Six Sticks / Soichi Konagaya

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