Mixed Chamber Winds

Mixed Winds

Mixed Winds Quartet

Harvest Songs
Fl B?Cl A.Sax Perc
Yosuke Fukuda ENMS-84506 Gr. 4 ??
Flute Dolce for Trio
Fl Fl Fl (Perc)
Yasuhide Ito NAE-EH402 Gr. 2 ??
Clarinet Dolce for Trio
B?Cl B?Cl B?Cl (Perc)
Yasuhide Ito NAE-EK403 Gr. 2  
Saxophone Dolce for Trio
A.Sax A.Sax A.Sax (Perc)
Yasuhide Ito NAE-ES404 Gr. 2  


Mixed Winds Quintet

S.Sax A.Sax T.Sax B.Sax (Typewriter)
L.Anderson (Hiroki Takahashi) ENMS-10007 Gr. 5 ??


Mixed Winds Sextet

Le Chaos et l'harmonie
Fl A.Sax asax/_bsax Hrn Euph
Masamicz Amano ENMS-84023 Gr. 5 ??
Rhythmic Movements - Euphonium, Tuba & Percussion
Euph Euph Tuba Perc Perc Perc
Sawako Yamazato ENMS-84294 Gr. 5 ??
Three Little Music
[1st] Fl E?cl B?cl S.Sax
[2nd] A.Sax. Ob B?cl
[3rd] B?cl A.Sax. Trp.
[4th] B?cl A.Sax. T.Sax. Trp.
[5th] B?cl T.Sax. Hrn.
[6th] B?cl Bsn.. B.sax. Euph.
Toshinari Iijima ENMS-84214 Gr. 4 ??


Mixed Winds Septet

On the Night of the Centaur Festival
B?Cl B?Cl B?Cl Perc Perc Perc Perc
Hirokazu Fukushima ENMS-84296 Gr. 5 ??
Cloudy, Fine Later
S.Sax A.Sax T.Sax B.Sax St.Bass Perc Perc
Hirokazu Fukushima YDQOH-A01 Gr. 5  
Breeze Sportif I for Three Flutists and Four Percussionists
Fl Fl Fl Perc Perc Perc Perc
Yo Goto ENMS-84014 Gr. 5 ??
Tori no Iwa Kusu Fune no Kami (Sea Goddess)
S.Sax A.Sax T.Sax B.Sax Perc Perc Perc
Hiroaki Kataoka ENMS-84295 Gr. 5 ??
Introduzione et Allegro con bravura for Brass & Perc. Sextet
Trp Trp Hrn Trb Trb B.Trb Perc
Chang-Su Koh ENMS-84040 Gr. 6 ??
Fl Ob B?Cl B?Cl Bsn B.Cl (St.Bass)
C.Debussy (Keiichi Kurokawa) ENMS-84076 Gr. 4 ??
Suite Bergamasque
Fl Ob.orB?Cl B?Cl A.sax T.Sax. B.Cl. St.bass
C.Debussy (Keiichi Kurokawa) ENMS-84054 Gr. 5 ??


Mixed Winds Octet

Rain Dance for Clarinet Septet & String Bass
E?Cl B?Cl B?Cl B?Cl B?Cl
A.Cl B.Cl St.BassorCa.Cl
Chieko Arai ENMS-84408 Gr. 5  
Terpsichore II for Wind & Percussion Octet
E?Cl B?Cl A.Sax Trp Trb
Euph Tuba Perc
Kazuhiro Morita ENMS-84030 Gr. 5 ??
Dolly for Woodwind & Perc. Octet
Fl B?Cl B?Cl
A.Sax T.Sax B.Sax Perc Perc
G.Faure (Keiichi Kurokawa) YDQAF-A01 Gr. 4  
Petite Suite for Wind & Per. Octet
Fl B?Cl B?Cl B.Cl
A.Sax T.Sax B.Sax Perc
C.Debussy (Keiichi Kurokawa) YDQAD-A03 Gr. 4  
Pater Noster III
Fl B?Cl B?Cl B.Cl
A.Sax T.Sax B.Sax St.bass
Satoshi Yagisawa ENMS-84351 Gr. 5  
Kenyan Fantasy for Eight Players
Fl/Picc. B?Cl A.Sax Hrn Trp
EuphorTrb. Tuba Perc
Yasuhide Ito NAE-EK339 Gr. 4 ??
Haworthia - Woodwinds, Brass & Percussion
Fl/Picc B?Cl A.Sax/B.sax. Hrn Trp
Trb.orEuph Tuba Perc
Daisuke Shimizu ENMS-84298 Gr. 5 ??
Serie harmonique for Wind and Percussion Octet
Fl/picc B?Cl/E? A.Sax Hrn Trp/flg
Trb/Euph Euph Perc
Masamicz Amano ENMS-84381 Gr. 5  
Taku Chi Sui for Woodwind and Percussion Octet
Fl B?Cl A.Sax/B.Sax. Hrn Trp
Trb Tuba Perc
Masamicz Amano ENMS-84289 Gr. 5 ??
Tarantella II for Windwood & Percussion Octet
Fl B?Cl A.Sax Hrn Trp/Pic.trp
Trb Tuba Perc
Satoshi Yagisawa ENMS-84218 Gr. 5 ??
Snow of an Aynu Village for Wind & Percussion Octet
Fl/picc B?Cl A.Sax Hrn Trp
Trb Tuba Perc
Hirokazu Fukushima ENMS-84181   ??
Magical Carmen for Wind & Percussion Octet
Fl/picc B?Cl A.Sax Hrn Trp
Trb Tuba Perc
G.Bizet (Yasuhide Ito) ENMS-84215 Gr. 5 ??
Four Seasons of Japanese Children's Songs
Fl/picc B?Cl A.Sax Hrn Trp
Trb Tuba Perc
Yasuhide Ito EN-083 Gr. 4 ??
La Structure pour l'octuor for Winds & Percussion Octet
Fl B?Cl A.Sax Hrn Trp
Euph or B.Trb  Perc Perc
Masamicz Amano ENMS-84026 Gr. 5 ??
Picture Book Without Pictures
Fl B?Cl Trp/flg Hrn Trb
St.Bass Perc Perc
Masanori Taruya ENMS-84304 Gr. 5  
City Girl Sentimentalism - Woodwinds Sextet & Percussion
Fl B?Cl B?Cl
S.Sax A.Sax B.Sax Perc Perc
Shuhei Tamura ENMS-84301 Gr. 5 ??
3e. Ballet Chimerique for Mixed Octet
Fl B?Cl B?Cl
Hrn Trb Trb Tuba Perc
Masamicz Amano ENMS-84025 Gr. 5 ??
Heroes of the Forest - Woodwinds Sextet & Percussion
Fl Ob S.Sax A.Sax A.Sax
B.Cl Perc Perc
Shuhei Tamura ENMS-84300 Gr. 3 ??
Scenes of Spectrum for Woodwind and Piano Septet
Fl Ob B?Cl A.Sax Bsn
Hrn PianoorPerc Perc
Yoshio Nakahashi ENMS-84380 Gr. 5 ??
Village of Star Prayer - Woodwinds Quintet & Percussion
Fl Ob B?Cl Hrn Bsn
Perc Perc Perc
Hiroki Takahashi ENMS-84299 Gr. 5 ??
Dream Forest - Mixed Octet
Fl Ob. B?Cl B?Cl
A.sax T.Sax. B.Cl. perc
Yosuke Fukuda ENMS-84507 Gr. 4 ??
Fantasy Pastorale - Mixed Octet
Fl B?Cl A.Sax T.Sax
Hrn Trp Trb. Tuba
Hirokazu Fukushima ENMS-84509 Gr. 4 ??
Metamorphoseon for Woodwind and String Bass Octet
Fl/picc Ob or B?Cl B?Cl
B?Cl A.Sax T.Sax
B.SaxorB.Cl St.Bass
O.Respighi (Makoto Onodera) ENMS-84373 Gr. 5 ??
Glover's Hill - Woodwind & String Octet
Fl/Picc Ob B?Cl B?Cl A.Sax
T.Sax B.Sax St.Bass
Yuichi Abe ENMS-84457 Gr. 4 ??
Impulsive for Woodwind & Percussion Octet
S.Sax/Asax A.Sax B.Sax Trp Hrn
Trb Tuba Perc
Masaki Itani ENMS-84217 Gr. 5 ??
The Stateless People - Saxophone Sextet & Two Percussionists
S.Sax A.Sax A.Sax T.Sax T.Sax
B.Sax Perc Perc
Shuhei Tamura ENMS-84425 Gr. 5  
Gryphon's Prayer for Saxophone Sextet & Two Percussionists
S.Sax A.Sax A.Sax T.Sax T.Sax
B.Sax Perc Perc
Hiroaki Kataoka ENMS-84407 Gr. 5 ??
Follow Me for Brass Sextet and Two Percussionists
pic.trp/flgl Trp HrnorTrb
Trb Euph Tuba Perc Perc
Tadashi Adachi ENMS-84377 Gr. 5  
La Boite a joujoux - Brass Sextet and Two Percussionists
Trp Trp Hrn Trb Euph
Tuba Perc Perc
C.Debussy (Tohru Minakuchi) ENMS-84441 Gr. 5 ??
Ritual in the Dawn - Brass & Percussion Octet
Trp Trp Hrn Trb Tuba
Perc Perc Perc
Yosuke Fukuda ENMS-84303 Gr. 5 ??
Cross-Section View in Rhythm - Brass Septet & Percussion
Trp Trp Trb Trb Hrn
Hrn Tuba Perc
Hideaki Miura ENMS-84485 Gr. 5  
Mystic Brass - Brass Sexet & Two Percussionists
Trp/Pictrp/flgl Trp Hrn Trb Trb
Tuba Perc Perc
J.Grasstail ENMS-84335 Gr. 5  
Zui-Zui-Zukkorobasi for Brass Septet & Percussion
Trp Trp Flgl Hrn Trb
Euph Tuba Perc
Tohru Minakuchi ENMS-84409 Gr. 4 ??
Danza Zelkova - Brass Sextet and Percussion
Trp Trp Hrn Trb B.Trb
Tuba Perc Perc
J.Grasstail ENMS-84468 Gr. 5  
Advent Silica for Brass Sextet and Two Percussionists
Trp Trp Hrn Trb B.Trb
Tuba Perc Perc
J.Grasstail ENMS-84378 Gr. 5  
Tetrardus for Brass & Percussion Octet
Trp/pictrp Trp Trp Hrn Trb
Euph Tuba Perc
Satoshi Yagisawa ENMS-84122 Gr. 5 ??
The Battell Suite for Brass Septet & Percussion
Trp Trp Trp Hrn Trb
TrborEuph Tuba Perc
W.Byrd (Makoto Onodera) ENMS-84406 Gr. 5 ??
Divertimento Espagnol for Brass & Percussion Octet
Trp TrporTrp Trp
Hrn Trb Trb Tuba Perc
Takamasa Sakai ENMS-84180 Gr. 5 ??
Adagio and Allegro - Brass & Percussion Octet
Trp Trp Trp Hrn
Trb Trb Tuba Perc
Hirokazu Fukushima ENMS-84302 Gr. 5 ??
Into the Sky - Brass Septet & Percussion
Trp.(doub.Picc.Trp.) Trp Trp.(doub.Flgl.) Trb Trb
Euph or Trb Tuba Perc
Tomohiro Tatebe ENMS-84442 Gr. 5 ??
The Hill of Inbeisu - Brass Septet & Percussion
Trp.(doub.Picc.Trp.) Trp.(doub.Flgl.) Hrn Trb Trb
Euph Tuba Perc
J.Grasstail ENMS-84443 Gr. 5 ??
Fantasy Pastorale - Mixed Octet
Fl B?Cl A.Sax T.Sax
Hrn Trp Trb. Tuba
Hirokazu Fukushima ENMS-84509   ??


Mixed Winds Nonet

Fantasy on a theme of Jupiter 2001
Fl.doub.Picc B?Cl A.Sax Hrn Trp
Trb Tuba Perc Perc
Yasuhide Ito EM-009   ??

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