These fresh new marches are commissioned biannually for competitive performance at the All Japan Band Contest. They are deliberately melodious and light hearted to facilitate ease of preparation. Some packages are sets of two marches each, in full size with complete instrumentation and generous percussion scoring.

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The East Wind Concert March

The East Wind
Concert March - Takashi Hoshidepdf icon

Picc. Fl.1-2 Ob. Bsn. Eb Cl. Bb Cl.1-3 A.Cl. B.Cl. A.Sax.1-2 T.Sax. B.Sax. Trp.1-3 Hrn.1-4 Trb.1-3 Euph. Tuba St.Bass Timp. S.D. Cym. B.D. Glock.


Hamamatsu Concert March

Hamamatsu Concert March - Yasuhide Ito

Premiere recording on May 13th, 2007 When my hometown of Hamamatsu became a consolidated metro area, a new city song was commissioned, with words by...


Mariana Variations

Mariana Variations - Daiki Kato

For the Tumon Bay International Wind Orchestra, Maestro Atsushi Ozawa,conductor; 721st Army Band and the Guam Territorial Band-Official Band of Guam,...


Mozartesque March

Mozartesque March - Hiroki Takahashi

2006 was known as the Mozart Year, the 250th birthday of the musical genius. It was a great inspiration for this composition. A few years back I...


Mt. Fuji March

Mt. Fuji March - Yasuhide Itoplay icon

Picc. Fl.1&2 Ob. Bsn.(div.) EbCl. BbCl.1,2&3 B.Cl. A.Sax.1&2 T.Sax. B.Sax. Trp.1,2&3 Hrn.1,2,3&4 Trb.1,2&3 Euph.(div.)...


Three Scenes from Soma III. Soma Festival March

Three Scenes from Soma III. Soma Festival March - Yasuhide Ito

Flute I (also Piccolo) Flute II (also Piccolo) Piccolo Oboes Bassoons Eb Clarinet Bb Clarinets I,II Bb Clarinets III Eb Alto Clarinet Bb Bass...


Sousa's March Medley

Sousa's March Medley - John-Philip Sousa (arr. Naohiro Iwai)

Piccolo 1st Flute 2nd Flute Oboe Clarinet in Eb 1st Clarinet in Bb (div.) 2nd Clarinet in Bb (div.) 3rd Clarinet in Bb (div.) Bass Clarinet in B...



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