Die Zirkusprinessin Selections - Works of Eiji Suzuki Vol.2 -


Toke Civic Wind Orchestra,Hiroyuki Kayo, Conductor.
This is CD-Extra which contains two sheet music:"O waly waly", "Happy Birthday To You" You can print out these pieces and use them freely!
1. March "Silver Spirits"
2. "Die Zirkusprinessin" Selections
3-5. Three Spectacles for Navy Blue
6. O waly waly
7. "Der Zarewitsch" Selections
8. Fanfare "S-E-A"
9-11. Song and Dances
12. Prelude for Wind Ensemble ?based on the Melody of "Tokeidai-no-Kane"
13."Ho-O"?Jin-ai cho-fu
14. Sergei Montage
15. Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bonus Track
16. "Die Zirkusprinessin" Selections (another opening)
17. Happy Birthday To You

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