KYO-EN, a remarkable annual concert presenting unpublished and (first) premiere works by outstanding Japanese composers. Live performances of this year’s variety-filled collection are flawlessly recorded. Please enjoy this collaboration by great composers and musicians who bring wind music of the 21st century.

[2CD set]

Disc 1

A Stroll by the Lakeside - Toshinari Iijima
OGA Kinuburui (I. Miyoshi - Shinzo II. Sedo - Matsuri III. Ogakoku - syokei)- Yuichi Abe
A Poem of the Sea - Toshinari Iijima
March "Wind from the Future" - Soichi Konagaya
Portrait of The West Wind - Takayoshi Yanagida
Charlotte (beautifully grotesque) - Fumio Tamura
Mnemosyne-Souvenirs d'annee - Hiroshi Hoshina
Between The Sky and The Ocean - Shin-ichi Shiokawa
Concerto Grosso - Masamicz Amano
In the Groove! - Tomohiro Tatebe

Disc 2

On Stage - Takahiro Kauchi
Symphonic Poem "Spirits in Sphere" - Soichi Konagaya
Endless Dream - Yoshiyuki Kato
Icarus - With the Eternal Wings for Wind Ensemble - Eiji Suzuki
A Festival Suite - Yo Goto (I. Parade, II. Ceremony, III. Fiesta)
Glacier Express - Shin'ya Takahashi
Triumphal Return March- Takihiro Hori
Mujin-no-ishi - Toshiaki Matsuki
Les trois notes du Japon - Toshio Mashima (I. La danse des grues II. La riviere enneigee III. La fete du feu)

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