WINDS Vol. 1 Director’s Guide & Supplemental Ensemble Exercise


The WINDS Supplemental Training Methods are printed enhancements of the WINDS video series, offering detailed explanations of each issue while defining specific goals and outcomes. An instructor’s guide identifies which class exercises are most applicable to the stated objectives. Designed to work in conjunction with each DVD issue.
The Supplemental Method for Vol. 1 Basic Training for Wind Ensemble outlines and elaborates on clinician Minoru Otaki’s instructional points and provides score and parts for all of the student-led training exercises observed in the DVD. The DVD and printed method can be purchased at a discount with the "Combination" set listed below. Use of this set is strongly recommended, as all relevant exercises and concepts are fully scored and explained in detail with an emphasis on typical (Western) classroom application.
WINDS DVD Band Training Series Basic Training for Concert Band Director’s Guide and Supplemental Ensemble Exercises Conductor’s guide, score & parts

DVD: Winds Vol. 1 Basic Training for Concert Band

Combination (DVD&Supplement): WINDS Vol. 1 Basic Training for Concert Band

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