Fumio Tamura

Fumio Tamura completed an MA in composition at the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music, studying under Jo Kondo, and at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, studying with Robert Saxton, under a fellowship from the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists, 1995 to 1997. He has been performed at prestigious events including the Spitalfields Music Festival, the Asian Music festival, the All Japan Band Festival, the Tokyo-no-Natsu Music Festival, ACL Asian Composers League inSeoul, 2002, and the ISCM Hong Kong 2003. His prizes include the Valentino Bucchi International Composition Prize in Rome, the JACA Award for Theater Arts, the National Theatre Award, and honorable commendation at the Genesis Prize for Opera, 2002.

He currently teaches at Kobe University, and is a member of the Japan Federation for Composers, the Japan Electronic Music Society, the composer’s group “Tempus Novum”, and Pro Musica Nipponia. He also plans and produces concerts for modern music as a representative of the performance group “Ensemble Contemporary a”.

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