Akira Toda

Akira Toda was born in Aomori-prefecture, Japan. He earned his Bachelors Degree of Music in Euphonium Performance from Kunitachi College of Music in 1975. That same year he began his Certificate Diploma at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. He studied euphonium with Kiyoshi Oishi and conducting with David Howell. Toda has appeared as a noteworthy euphonium player since he was a student. In 1978 he made his first debut as a conductor, and he has been an active clinician, composer, arranger, and conductor to the present.

He has organized Japanese concerts and clinics with James Swearingen, Robert Sheldon, and Frank Bencriscutto. His passion as an educator led him to hold lectures at University of Illinois in December 1994 and April of 1997, where he presented the current state of band education in Japan. His lectures were presented in the November, 1998 “Up Date”, an American music education bulletin, as well as at a music conference for educators that same year.

His compositional genres are diverse: solo piano, chamber winds, choir, small ensemble and symphonic band. His “Procession to Peace” was chosen as a required piece for the All Japan Band Competition in 2001 and also in Taiwan in 2005. Toda was honored with a cultural award from his home city, Shichinohe, and is the director of the euphonium tuba ensemble, Tubium.

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