Hiroshi Hoshina

Born in Tokyo in 1936, Hoshina graduated from that city's National University of Fine Arts and Music as a composition major, where his thesis won the Mainichi Music Composition Contest. Aside from his FuMon (1987), two additional works have been commissioned for the All Japan Band Contest. In addition, his opera regarding Hiroshima's atomic bomb experience has received worldwide acclaim.

Active as a composer after finishing university, Hoshina also began an esteemed educator’s career at Tokyo College of Music, then Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, and finally Hyogo University of Teacher Education, from which he retired in March of 2001.

Mr. Hoshina has produced a variety of works for media such as symphonic orchestra, opera, winds, chamber music, chorus, and theatre, and has earned particular fame in the Japanese wind band world. In 1991, he received the Japan Wind Music Academy award for composition. He is the first composer to be so recognized.

He is also very active as a conductor, especially as a guest conductor for orchestras and wind bands in many regions of Japan. His unique performance theory has earned particular recognition amongst the fine amateur bands of his country.

Hiroshi Hoshina is a venerable artist of his country; his composition, while traditionally reflective at times, is clearly expressive and visual in contemporary terms. He is currently professor emeritus of the Hyogo University of Teacher Education, a representative of the Japan Band Clinic Committee, an advisor of the Japan Wind Music Academy, and a music supervisor of the Hamamatu ACT Music School.

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