Soo-Hyun Park

Park studied composition at the Osaka College of Music. His works have mainly been performed in East Asia and Europe, at events such as the 2003Asian Music Festival, Tokyo, Daegu International Contemporary Festival 2005, Jeju Wind Ensemble Festival (2009, 2012) in Korea, the ISCM “World Music Days” in Sweden (2009) and Poland (2014) and the 2011 Gaohsiong Spring Festival in Taiwan. He won the Third ACL-Korea Composition Competition’s 2nd prize, the 15th Daegu International Contemporary Festival’s 1st prize, the Japan Clarinet Association Composition Competition for Clarinet 3rd prize, the Kansai Modern Music Association Composition Award, and the 7th All Japan Band Association Composition Competition 1st prize (“Scintillating Dawn”, a required piece for the All Japan Band Competition 2015). Park is currently a member of the Kansai Modern Music Association and the Japan Academic Society of Wind Music.

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