Jun Nagao

Born in 1964 in Ibaraki Prefecture, Nagao graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music, where he also completed postgraduate work. He studied composition with Masayuki Nagatomi and Teruyuki Noda, and received the 2000 Toru Takemitsu Award and the 24th Japan Symphony Foundation composition award.

Noteworthy compositions include four commissions from Yamaha Symphonic Band: “Nami no Ho”, “Souten no Shizuku”, “La lumineuse du vent vert” and “Fluttering Maple Leaves”; wind works “Symphony”, “Réminiscence”, “Der Glücksdrache”, “The other garden” (euphonium and band), “Die Heldenzeit” (alto saxophone and band), and “Symbiosis” (trumpet and band); orchestral music “Mille courants qui rentrent”, “L'été - L'oubli rouge”, “Le printemps - L'illusion bleue”, “L'automne - La permanance blanche”; chamber music “Octet” (saxophone), and solo music “La lune en Paradis” and “Futarishizuka”.

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