Naohiro Iwai

Naohiro Iwai was born on the 2nd of October, 1923. He graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1947 with a degree in instrumental music majoring in the Horn. In University he was part of the Ernie Pyle Orchestra where he played the trumpet. The Ernie Pyle Orchestra was a group that played for the entertainment of American soldiers in post war Japan. They performed in a theatre that did not allow Japanese patrons.

After gaining experience in a few bands he joined Frankie Sakai's new "City Slingers" jazz band as an adviser and arranger. In 1959 he became a producer for Toshiba Records (now Universal Music) and organized band clinics and performances all over the world. He was involved in the composition or arrangement of over 3000 songs, most of them in the pop genre.

He's recently been involved in the "New sounds in Brass" series, where he has invigorated the series with a mixture of pop, jazz and rock that is new in the Japanese wind music before. Starting in 1972 he has been entrusted with providing a number of songs for the All Japan Band Competition (AJBC) including the 1976 song "On Main street". His most recent piece to have been selected for the competition was in 2013, an incredible 41 years since his first selected piece in the AJBC.

In 2012 he received an award from the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Lifelong Learning Policy Bureau for his contribution to social education.

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