Yoshio Matsuo

Born in Kochi in 1946, Matsuo studied composition and arrangement under Masashi Wakamatsu. He is a member of the composers’ group “Wind Association”, the Japan Sousa Society, and “Prosperous Future for Band into the 21st Century KYO-EN”. While working at Tokyo Hustle Copy Inc., Matsuo still composes at his own pace. Other outstanding works include “Hello Sunshine”, a 1987 All Japan Band Competition test piece and favorite of Frederick Fennell’s, “Reflections of Heian-Kyo” (awarded Japan Band Association Shitaya prize in 1999), “Three Scenes in Crayon” (receiving the JBA Shitaya prize in 2003), “Rainbow Breeze March”, 2005 test piece “Pax Romana” and more.

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