Suite for Small Band - Flexible Octet

Grade : 4
Duration : 7:10

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2:20 (I. Prelude)
2:30 (II. Lullaby)
2:20 (III. March)

Program Notes from the Composer:
This composition is comprised of 3 movements: I. Prelude, II. Lullaby, and III. March. The words that describe each movement are “sacredness” (Prelude), “songlike” (Lullaby), and “cuteness” (March). This “flexible ensemble” setting is adaptable in various situations such as small to large instrumentation, ensembles to concert bands, and concerts to contests/festivals.

Since there are various possible combinations of instruments, I look forward to seeing unique instrumentation that I would have never imagined of. Above all, it is my deepest desire for the performers to have an amazing experience making music freely.

<Part 1>
Clarinet in Eb
Clarinet in Bb
<Part 2>
Clarinet in Bb
Soprano Saxophone in Bb
Trumpet in Bb
Alto Saxophone in Eb
<Part 3>
Clarinet in Bb
Tenor Saxophone in Bb
Alto Saxophone in Eb
Horn in F
<Part 4>
Clarinet in Bb
Tenor Saxophone in Bb
Trombone (Euphonium)
<Part 5>
Alto Clarinet in EB
Tenor Saxophone in BB
Euphonium (Trombone)
<Part 6>
Bass Clarinet in Bb
Baritone Saxophone in Eb
String Bass
<Part 7>
Percussion 1
Snare Drum
<Part 8>
Percussion 2

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