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A Prelude to the Shining Day
Model: COMS-85038
Price: $65.00

A Prelude to the Shining Day was written for Noda Junior High School Concert Band, Kawagoe, Japan, for the 10th anniversary of their foundation, and ... more info

Capricious Winds for Flute Quartet
Model: ENMS-84129
Price: $22.00

Also Available Digitally Digital Sheet Music Picc 2Fl. A.Fl.

Echoes of Memories
Model: GOMS-90011
Price: $50.00

Echoes of Memories (2005) A gentle triangle strike sets the mood in this tranquil work, followed by a simple pastoral melody with peaceful woodwind ... more info

Hiroshima State's Best Elementary School Bands Vol. 1
Model: BD-24040
Price: $29.00

Collection of performances by the top 3 bands at Hiroshima Band Festival of Elementary School during the past few years! You can enjoy different ... more info

Machu Picchu - City in the Sky
Model: ZOMS-A024
Price: $145.00

Explaining the significance of Machu Picchu begins with remembering the Incan empire at its zenith, and its tragic encounter with the Spanish ... more info

My Hometown - Flexible 6 - 8 Parts
Model: FLMS-87008
Price: $70.00

Sample ScoreAlso Available DigitallyDigital Sheet Music Part 1 Fl. Ob. BbCl. S.Sax. EbCl. Part 2 Ob. BbCl. S.Sax. Trp. A.Sax. Part 3 BbCl. ... more info

Selections from Princess Mononoke
Model: COMS-85035
Price: $145.00

With feeling of awe with this gorgeous melody, the arranger put much time and effort in depicting its beauty and excitement. Arranged specifically ... more info

The Seashell Song
Model: NAS-BK334
Price: $54.00

Picc. Fl.1&2 Ob.1&2 Bsn.1&2 EbCl. BbCl.1(div.),2&3 A.Cl. B.Cl. A.Sax.1&2 T.Sax. B.Sax.   Trp.(Cor.)1,2&3 Hrn.1,2,3&4 ... more info

The Singapore Flyer
Model: COMS-85050
Price: $65.00

This work was composed as a test piece for 2011 Concert Band Festival Secondary Education Category of Singapore Youth Festival hosted by the Republic ... more info

Winds Vol. 21 Sonority for Winds:Tuning, Balancing and Blending
Model: BOD-7023
Price: $32.00

Individual tone quality is essential to creating a good band sound, especially in smaller groups. For the ensemble, good unison playing and blend are ... more info

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