Resound for Euph. Tuba Quartet

Grade : 5
Duration : 5:50

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Resound was commissioned by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Central Band Euphonium & Tuba ensemble for the 2010 International Tuba Euphonium Association Conference. Resound’s lively, vivid melodies underscore the distinctive warm character of tenor and bass brass. A light processional with flowing phrases modulates before euphoniums and tubas trade off the lead and echo each other, and finally return to the original theme. After a beautiful, calmly expressed Andante, a brisk Allegro returns and concludes with a flourish. As a composer, I could not be more honored for this piece to be performed at the 65th Midwest Clinic. Please enjoy the harmonious interaction of euphoniums and tubas.

Euph.1-2 Tuba 1-2

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