Thaxted - A tune from Jupiter

Grade : 2.5
Duration : 4:30

Program Note

A great master in British music history, Gustav Holst (1874?1934) is considered one of the most important band composers of all time.
Suite for Military Band (1909) and Second Suite in Eb for Military Band (1911) are known as definitive sequel band works and are still widely performed.
However, Holst’s most familiar melody is likely Jupiter from The Planets. Both the suite and movement are globally revered.
This arrangement is written colorfully to promote musicality for various bands with consideration of mixed grade levels,

The opening scene and motif portrays Jupiter in the distance. It requires beautiful, controlled softness, percussion included. Stagger breathing means thoughtful breathing. If only one player on a part, balance carefully with other sections for a natural blend. From [B] to [E] is much like a transcription. Please listen to the original with your players to consider melodic phrasing, accompaniment balance and expression.
After [E], the orchestration slowly changes form. It’s best not to be too heavy even with the optional lower octave. Try not to accelerate at Poco più mosso [G]. Upper woodwinds tend to rush grace notes. From [H], there is a bolero-like rhythm. Tempo stays the same even with the direction of Maestoso. Don’t rush at Ancora poco più mosso [I]. Play to express the boldness of Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Main melody, high voice grace notes, and accompaniment need to be properly balanced. It concludes with the expected grand finale.

A part is written for grade 2.5 and B for 1.5 players. B can be played by elementary or junior high students. There is much repetition for effective playing that is not overly challenging. Young players can learn the importance of maintaining a steady, consistent sound for simple and repetitive parts. This work should bring their band experience to the next level.


The grade depends on part - (A) or (B).
(A): Gr.2.5 / (B): Gr.1 / Single Part: Gr.1.5

Flute (A)
Flute (B)
Oboe (opt.)
Bassoon (opt.)

Clarinet in Bb (A)
Clarinet in Bb (B)
Bass Clarinet

Alto Saxophone in Eb (A)
Alto Saxophone in Eb (B)
Tenor Saxophone in Bb
Baritone Saxophone in Eb

Trumpet in Bb (A)
Trumpet in Bb (B)

Horn in F (A)
Horn in F (B)

Trombone (A)
Trombone (B)

String Bass (opt.)


Low Tom & Snare Drum

Suspended Cymbal

Bass Drum

Glockenspiel & Vibraphone

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