Suite on Celtic Folk Songs for Brass Band - Full score

Grade : 4.5
Duration : 8:30

Without need of explanation this piece has become standard in the concert band scene. (I could not ask anything more as a composer! Thank you.) So, this is the brass band version of my original Suite on Celtic Folk Songs.

The British-style brass band tradition (considering brass instruments other than trombones as saxhorns) is more than 160 years old. Fans worldwide are attracted to its unique sound with distinctive instrumentation. Suite on Celtic Folk Songs is based on old tunes from England, Scotland and Ireland. So to speak, this new arrangement is a homecoming for this work.

The part distribution and key are basically the same as concert band but because of instrumentation, scale and color difference, I made my own alterations to the score. An appealing aspect of the brass band is its beautiful blend and tone color. However, the distinctive sound of each instrument and section is most attractive. That exposure is essential to this particular arrangement.

At times the range might be rather high or low for a particular instrument; that was my intention. It's especially challenging for the cornet section from time to time. Please swap parts or transpose an octave if needed.

Due to the instrumentation, I have altered the balance and dynamics of each line (e.g. melody, countermelody and accompaniment). Please pay careful attention to the remarks and indicated balance.

Sop. Cor.
Solo Cor.
Rep. Cor.
Cor. 2&3
Fl. hrn.
Hrn. 1,2&3
Bar. 1&2
Trb. 1,2&3
Eb Bass
Bb Bass


Field Dr.
Finger Cym
Tenor Dr.(Low T-tom)

B.Dr.(Small B.Dr.)
2 Bass T-tom
Floor Tom(Small B.Dr.)

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