Songs for Wind Ensemble

Grade : 4
Duration : 8:10

This beautiful and reflective piece by master composer and educator Yo Goto won the American Bandmasters Association 2011 Sousa/Ostwald Award. Though of only moderate difficulty, various solo woodwind themes develop into a captivating presentation that is alternately playful and provocative. The clarinet's leading role remains in a comfortable range, with simple and poignant lyricism.

Fl.1 Fl.2 (Picc.) Ob.(opt.) Bsn.(opt.)
4 BbCla. Bs.Cla. Alt.Sax. Ten.Sax.
Bar.Sax. 2 BbTrp. 2 Hrn. 2 Trb.
Euph. Tub. St.Bass(opt.) S.D.
Sus.Cym. Splash Cym. H.H.Cym. Glock.
Vib. Xylo.

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