Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea - Fantasy for Band

Grade : 5.5
Duration : 7:30

The sound track of Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea includes a number of famous and familiar melodies as parody. I arranged it to exaggerate the fun-ness. “Deep Sea Ranch” from the film’s beginning is reminiscent of Ravel’s Lever du jour (Daphnis et Chloé); “Flight of Ponyo” with Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, and “Mother of the Sea” with Jean Paul Martini’s Plaisir d'amour. The arrangement is enjoyable for movie fans as well as classic music fans. The main theme Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea concludes in lively march style. Harp can be omitted as needed and is written at medium grade level for school band. (Yo Goto)

1st Flute
2nd Flute

Clarinet in Eb
1st Clarinet in Bb
2nd Clarinet in Bb
Bass Clarinet in Bb

Alto Saxophone in Eb
Tenor Saxophone in Bb
Baritone Saxophone in Bb
1st Trumpet in Bb (Opt. div.)
2nd Trumpet in Bb
3rd Trumpet in Bb

1st Horn in F
2nd Horn in F

1st Trombone
2nd Trombone
3rd Trombone

String Bass

Harp (Opt.)

1st Percussion
Suspended Cymbal
Snare Drum

2nd Percussion
Bass Drum

3rd Percussion
Crash Cymbals

4th Percussion

[European Parts] Download available

Eb Horn 1
Eb Horn 2
Bb Trombone 1 (Treble Clef & Bass Clef)
Bb Trombone 2 (Treble Clef & Bass Clef)
Bb Trombone 3 (Treble Clef & Bass Clef)
Bb Euphonium  (Treble Clef & Bass Clef)
Bb Tuba  (Treble Clef & Bass Clef)
Eb Tuba  (Treble Clef & Bass Clef)

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