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Originals - Intermediate

Simple Gift  

Arirang and Akatonbo
  The Singapore Flyer
Daisuke Shimizu / Gr. 3 / 5:00   Chang Su Koh / Gr. 3 / 5:00   Satoshi Yagisawa / Gr. 3 / 4:00
A melancholic homage to victims of the iraqi conflict.   A creative and moving fantasia on folksongs from Korea and Japan.   The test piece for 2011 Concert band Festival of Singapore.

Mozartesque March
  A Miniature Town for Wind Band   Railway
Hiroki Takahashi / Gr. 3 / 3:40   Rika Ishige / Gr. 2 / 4:40   Shin'ya Takahashi / Gr. 3 / 7:00
It includes motifs from famous Mozart compositions.   It is intended to be colorful, fun and sentimental.   This piece considers the exciting view from the window of a speeding train.

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Originals - Advanced

Mindscape for Wind Orchestra  

Suite for Symphonic Band

Preludio Espressiva
Chang Su Koh / Gr. 5.5 / 16:10   Bin Kaneda / Gr. 4 / 14:30   Masamicz Amano / Gr. 4.5 / 9:00
Mindscape offers a panorama of one's mental state.        

Gloriosa (2nd and 3rd Movements)
  Sea Goddess - Myth for Winds and Percussion   Gold Rush!
Yasuhide Ito / Gr. 6/ 12:20   Hiroaki Kataoka / Gr. 5.5 / 9:00   Shin'ya Takahashi / Gr. 4 / 5:30
Gloriosa, fusing Gregorian chant and Japanese folk music.   Featuring appealing Japanese modalities and exciting rhythms.   Rapid changes in dynamics and tempi should comically portray the frenetic lives of the gold-seekers.

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Transcriptions & Arrangements - Intermediate

Fantasy on Madame Butterfly   Carmen Fantasy   Gershwin in Wind Band!
Giacomo Puccini (Yo Goto) / Gr. 4 / 9:10   Georges Bizet (Eiji Suzuki) / Gr. 4.5 / 7:20   George Gershwin (Keiichi Kurokawa)/ Gr. 3 / 4:40
Goto’s crafting reflects the opera’s journey from hope to despair.   Totally delightful and pleasing, revealing the arranger's wit and versatility.   This medley includes: Concerto in F, Strike Up the Band, Someone to Watch Over Me,'S Wonderful, I Got Rhythm.

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Transcriptions & Arrangements - Advanced

Jocuri Poporale Romanesti   Adagietto from Symphony No. 5   L'isle joyeuse
Bela Bartok (Yo Goto) / Gr. 5 / 6:40   Gustav Mahler (Koh Shishikura) / Gr. 4.5 / 10:00   Claude Debussy (Toshio Mashima) / Gr. 6 / 6:00
Six dance movements segue between haunting beauty and wild excitement. .   This arrangement well expressed the enduring tenderness of Mahler's love song to wife Alma.   The test piece for 2011 Concert band Festival of Singapore.

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Fioritura for Flute Quartet  

Arabesque No. 1 for Sax Quartet
  Peacock Blue - Brass Octet
Satoshi Yagisawa / Gr. 5 / 4:30   Claude Debussy (Kinichi Nakamura) / Gr. 4 / 4:10   Yosuke Fukuda / Gr. 3 / 5:00
The title Fioritura, Italian for “blooming flower” and “decorated melody.   Note how well-blended sounds and different rhythms merge together.   Inspired by the peacock’s extravagant feathers, the music is focused on a dialogue between lush colorful harmonies and unique rhythms.

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Flexible Ensembles

Romanian Folk Dances - Flexible 6-8 Parts   Solomon’s Ring - Flexible 9 Parts   In Seizing the Distant Light - Flexible 9 Parts
Bela Bartok (Akihiko Nakamura)/ Gr. 3 / 6:25   Hayato Hirose / Gr. 3 / 5:30   Naoya Wada / Gr. 3 / 6:00
I. Jocul cu bata, II. Braul, III. Pe loc, IV. Buciumeana, V. Poarga romaneasca, VI. Maruntelul   Instrumentation is for flexible 6 wind and string parts plus optional 3 percussion parts.   The work can be performed as an ensemble piece minus percussion, als recommend a 10-25 piece small band setting.

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Encore!   Samba de Loves You   Foster on My Mind
Yo Goto/ Gr. 3 / 4:00   Shin Kazuhara / Gr. 3 / 4:00   S. Foster / T.Hoshide / Gr. 4 / 7:50
A great showcase for the entire band, suitable for a grand finale.   Enjoy the fun of adding clarinets, flutes and others to create a full jazz band effect.   A totally delightful handling of famous Foster melodies brings many soloists to the fofre.

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