2018 Texas Bandmasters Association

Our following products are introduced in clinic at 2018 TBA!

Successful Programming and Performing with a Small Band

Clinicians: Beth Bronk, Dr. Mary Ellen Cavitt

Dual Grade Series

Teaching Smaller Bands [DVD]

"Teaching Smaller Bands" addresses the challenges of organizing, training and performing with a concert band of limited size. Smaller bands are an unique genre which requires an individualized approach to instrumentation, sound development and balance that will favorably distinguish them from other ensembles.

The Well-Blended Ensemble [DVD]

The Well-Blended Ensemble focuses on improving intonation, balance and tone color for smaller bands. To achieve a well-blended ensemble, there are three concepts to learn - defining the roles of melody and accompaniment parts with volume balance in mind, having awareness of "comfortable" and "uncomfortable" playing ranges per instrument, and the establishment of tonal color.

With the enclosed exercises and text, readers can visually learn about tone quality and balance with "Pitch Range Chart" and “Instrumentation Guide" and improve their skills with training exercises and music.

Sonority for Winds:Tuning, Balancing and Blending

Individual tone quality is essential to creating a good band sound, especially in smaller groups. For the ensemble, good unison playing and blend are the first priority, and second is accurate intonation. This clinic presents methods for understanding and producing correct balance and blend of unison and harmony.


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