Winds Vol. 27 The Well-Blended Ensemble


Focusing on Intonation, Balance and ToneColor Methods for Band

Clinician - Hayato Hirose


Three basic points to create a balanced sound

  1. Define the roles of melody and accompaniment parts
  2. Determine "comfortable" and "uncomfortable" ranges
  3. Blending


Sound balance for small bands

  1. Assigning each voice and volume balance
  2. Increasing / decreasing players affects the sound
  3. How to create tonal color

Attached music:
Sound Balance Training Exercise

  • Performane basic points
  • Playing with awareness of "Roles"
  • Playing with awareness of "Comfortable" and "Uncomfortable" ranges
  • Blending the sound
  • Applying to music performance
  • Balancing sections in small bands

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