JWECC 2010 - La Fiesta Mexicana


2010 Japan Wind and Ensemble Conductors Conference JWECC is a dynamic organization of professionals known for artistic initiative, innovative teaching, and dedicated service. Recognizing a need for developing repertoire, JWECC is an enterprising pacesetter in commissioning new music through collaborative efforts between composers and bands. New music fulfills the human need for not only expressing fresh points of view but also for reframing our existing knowledge with each listening experience. Our members actively develop relationships with composers and enthusiastically pursue individual and consortium commissioning projects while passionately devoting our daily energies to sensitive performances and recordings of current and new wind band music.

Disc 1
1. Hymn Jubiliar / George Enescu
2. Overture 1940 / Herbert Owen Reed(arr. William Berz)
3. For the Unfortunate / Herbert Owen Reed
4. La Fiesta Mexicana / Herbert Owen Reed I. Prelude and Aztec Dance
5. II. Mass
6. III. Carnival
7. Midnight in Buenos Aires / Adam Gorb
8. Latin Fantasy / Chuck Elledge
9. Partido Alto Da Magia for Symphonic Band / Kenichi Mitsuda
Disc 2
1. Reverberations / Brian Balmages
2. Animal Krackers / Christopher Tucker The Box Opens
3. Elephant Stomp
4. Short Monkey Tale
5. The Regal Lion
6. Radiant Joy / Steven Bryant
7. Aurora Awakes / John Mackey
8. Anthem / Mark Camphouse
9. Scherzo No.1 / Souhei Kano
10. Carnaval / Robert Schumann (arr. Fumio Tamura)
11. Sky Dream / Daisuke Ehara
12. The Worried Drummer / Adolf Schreiner
13. Four Clarineters / Souichi Konagaya

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